And more about the Symbol Analyst

This class of workers includes scientists, engineers, and other scientific or technical specialties as well as marketers, investors, some types of lawyers, developers and a wide variety of consultants. The symbolic analysts will have a high level of education, both in the classroom and on the job experience.*(external link)

My take on this, when Reich wrote his thoughts on the global economy subject (remember, we're in the nineties and, per example, Bell Northen Telecom was a Canadian Jewel then), he inspired many people and his thoughts on the future are standing strong. What I may add after reading his book is that the concept of Symbolic Analyst applies to lower levels of workers. No need to have three university diplomas to identify yourself as a symbolic analysty. The same principle and thought on this emerging job title applies to kids, nerds, hackers, drop outs on might say.

Reich believes that this new, actually redefined, class of workers is be the best bet for job growth and success into this century. Opportunities for job growth will remain rather high he said. This is a result of two factors, a slowing growth in population and the future retirement of the baby boomer generation (Reich, 203). It is not the number of jobs in the future that is the problem, its the quality of those jobs. On the whole, Reich identifies two trends in job quality. The number of mundane, manufacturing jobs will decrease as well as the number of in-person service jobs e.g. bank tellers, but growth in the number of symbolic analytical positions. *(external link)


The symbolic analyst, however, contains a commodity that is both valuable and irreplaceable. This is the human thinking and problem solving abilities that is becoming ever more important in international business. Specialized groups of problem identifiers and solvers sprout all over the globe, selling their services to a wide variety of customers. This growth might not seem beneficial for the industrial world at the moment, in the traditional sense, as analysts will work for foreign companies just as easily as local businesses ones. But the intangible gains of knowledge and experience stay within our country.

Interresting authors found on the NASDQ(external link) Stock Market site

Please, read at least three of these books, they're all great and full of wisdom.

In closing, I'm inviting you to think about the here and now. Jobs may be difficult to find if your looking for a 9 to 5 job in the six figure salary range, locally. Yet, if you adapt and use your creativity, wealth and security will be yours without a doubt. Hooray for this new job title. Hooray for Symbol Analysts.

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