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What is the author's Mission

Here is a word from Daniel

I have dedicated more than ten years of my life to using information technology to bring humans from different segments of society together. My goal: to help people bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual in order to reach new heights, and to communicate better with each other. Today, it is obvious that the world has changed and that we will not go back anytime soon. The big corporations see this and communicate it to us. So that we, sometimes isolated, observe and become actors in this global phenomenon. We can't achieve something new if we aren't willing to do something we've never done before...and that translates into reaching out to others. Discovering that it is possible to bridge the virtual and the physical and using this new method of thinking is a game changer. Emerging countries have understood this. Communications between us weren't this smooth before. For example, think about how today you buy groceries, shop for furniture, use public transportation, or look for a job.


On the Eden Fractal site

Eden Fractal Mission: Our mission is to promote, and implement innovative and fractal decision-making tools and processes through collaborative research, development, education, and community engagement.


What about the vision?

Is the vision of an ecosystem WHY?
On the Eden Fractal side

We believe that all communities and organizations should have the tools and methods to make the best possible decision-making fair, fast, and fun.

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